Wacky Woden’s Day

Hello humans, this is Storm of Odin wishing you a happy 31st October.

As you no doubt know, many of the days of your week are named after my friends.

Sunday comes from the sun. I didn’t know much about the sun until I came to your world. Cats like to lie in it, for some reason.

Monday is moon day. You should be especially careful when there’s a full moon because there are many strange creatures about.

Tuesday is Tyr’s Day. Tyr is the god of war so don’t annoy him.

Wednesday is Woden’s Day. Woden or Odin is the King of the gods and one of the leaders of the Wild Hunt.

Thursday is of course Thor’s Day and Thor is the god of thunder. He’s known for being rather stupid and having a big hammer. Sheep are big fans of Thor. Ask them who their favourite Norse god is and they’ll all say ‘Baaaaaa’ which is sheep for Thor.

Friday is Freyja’s Day. Freyja is Woden’s wife and queen of the gods. She’s supposed to be very beautiful but she doesn’t have floppy ears or a waggy tail like mine.

And, finally, Saturday is Saturn’s day, and he is the Roman god of feasting and having a good time.

My scribe reminds me that the reason I’m here today is to tell you about my latest adventures in Wales. It’s called Wacky Woden’s Day and it really happened. Ask the sheep if you don’t believe me. Here it is…

Wacky Woden’s Day

Note from the scribe

I hope you like Storm’s adventure – do let me know! If you’re out late at night, keep an eye on the sky. You might see the Wild Hunt passing overhead.

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