Storm Hound

Publisher: Macmillan Children's BooksCover: Becka MoorPublished: February 21, 2019ISBN: 9781509895045Ebook ISBN: 9781509895052

Storm of Odin is the youngest stormhound of the Wild Hunt that haunts lightning-filled skies. He has longed for the time when he will be able to join his brothers and sisters but on his very first hunt he finds he can’t keep up and falls to earth, landing just outside the small Welsh town of Abergavenny.

Enter twelve-year-old Jessica Price, who finds and adopts a cute puppy from an animal rescue centre. And suddenly, a number of strange people seem very interested in her and her new pet, Storm. People who seem to know a lot about magic…

A clever blend of myth, magic and wry humour. Library Girl and Book Boy

Fast-paced and funny, this otherworldly adventure is a heartwarming tale of friendship and loyalty.  Booktrust 

Claire Fayers gives readers an hilarious glimpse into the lives of cats and dogs (and even sheep!) as they are given their own voice and internal monologues, and the diatribes of mighty Storm of Odin coming from a harmless puppy never stops being funny.  Books for Keeps

On finishing the book, your mood will be uplifted. This cleverly written heartfelt story will make you feel better about the world that you live in. What a great start to the year with a wonderful book to read.  Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books 

This book is amazing! It’s full of magic and makes you want to read more. In some places it makes you laugh out loud! All of the book is good so I don’t have a favourite part. I would recommend Storm Hound for an 11 year old child and fans of Terry Pratchett. It’s great!’ Yumi, aged 9, Reader at Seven Oaks Bookshop


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