Storm Hound Extras

Here are a collection of activities and extras which you are welcome to use for classes, bookclubs or just for a bit of you. Please share your stories and pictures with me. I’d love to see them.

Storm Hound Activities

Here are some lovely activity sheets made by the team at Macmillan’s Children’s Books. StormHound_ActivitySheets

Want a stormhound of your very own? Here’s an easy origami dog you can make. All you need is a square of paper. Make Your Own Storm Hound

Write your own adventure! Here are some ideas:

  1. What if you had a pet with magical powers? What would your pet be, and what could they do?
  2. What if someone evil wanted to steal your pet? How would you stop them?
  3. In Storm Hound, Jessie and her family have to get used to a new home. Imagine you had to move somewhere new. Where would you move to and what would you do there?
  4. Write a story including these words (you can use them in any order, but try to use them all.)
    1. storm
    2. mountain
    3. sheep
    4. fly
    5. fall
    6. school

Storm Hound Bonus Information

The grand Storm Hound blog tour has some articles about my research for Storm Hound. You’ll find interesting information about Wales, legends and sheep. Storm Hound blog tour

Here’s an interview I did for World Book Day 2019

And a book trailer made by the wonderful Family Bookworms in North Wales. 

Want to know what Storm gets up to next? Here’s a special short story for you. Wacky Woden’s Day