Happy Birthday, Pirates!

In three minutes you can boil an egg.

In three weeks you can grow a lettuce.

In three months you write the first draft of a book.

In three years you can…

See your first book published. Write another book. Write another book. Write another book.

Three years. In some ways, the time has flown and I can’t believe it’s been that long. But, looking back, I’ve learned so much and met so many wonderful people, I can’t believe all that could have happened in only three years.

Three years. Four books. And so many friends made along the way. Today I’m off on a writing retreat with a whole group of authors, most of who I haven’t met before. I’d never have dared to do that three years ago. I’m looking forward to some intensive writing time and hoping to come away with inspiration for many more books.

Want to win a signed copy of The Accidental Pirates? Pop over to twitter. I am running a birthday giveaway this week.