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My publisher has made some fantastic lesson plans for schools. Make a periscope, name your own river, write a sci-fi saga and much more.

TapperWatson_School Lesson Plans


Feel inspired to write your own fairytale but not sure where to start? Here are three short articles taking you through the whole process from beginning to end.

How To Start a Quest

The Sticky Middle of a Story

End Your Quest with Bang

Here’s the story behind a very strange Welsh story. I wrote this long before I knew I’d write a book of Welsh fairytales!

The Leaves That Hung but Never Grew

Storm Hound

Make Your Own Storm Hound

Storm Hound_Activity Sheets

Wacky Woden’s Day – A Storm Hound short story for Halloween.

A Stormhound’s Christmas in Wales  – A festive short story featuring everyone’s favourite puppy.


Mirror Magic

When I was writing Mirror Magic, I created my own town newspaper. Here it is: The Weekly Mirror

Here’s a template to create your own newspaper: Newspaper template

Mirror Magic started out with a big ‘What if?’ question. What if there was magic? I imagined what other newspapers might look like if the people of the time had magic. Why not take a look at them for inspiration and then write some of your own.

What if Henry VIII had magic

What if the 17th Century had magic

What if the Industrial Revolution had magic

What if the Middle Ages had magic

What if the Romans had magic

What if we had magic today

What if William the Conqueror had magic


Accidental Pirates

Written for Talk Like a Pirate Day, here are some useful Welsh phrases every pirate will want to know! Talk like a (Welsh) pirate

How much do you know about pirates? Test your knowledge with this pirate quiz and Pirate joke quiz

Want to be the star of your own legend? This handy guide will get you started. The Legend of You

Take some time off from marauding, put your feet up and have a go at this Onion wordsearch based on the most famous pirate ship on the eight oceans!

The Eight Oceans are full of strange islands to be explored. Take a look at Dragon Island here: Dragon Island map pdf

Now try designing your own map. Here’s an outline to get you started: Island outline


Write Where You Are

Bored? Stuck at home with nothing to do? Take a look at these videos, finding story ideas around the house.

Episode 1 – In the Kitchen

Episode 2 – In the Bathroom, with Sibeal Pounder, author of Witch Wars and Bad Mermaids

Episode 3 – In the Bedroom, with P.G. Bell, author of TheTrain to Impossible Places

Episode 4 – Meet the pets, with Sarah Todd Taylor, author of Max the Detective Cat

Episode 5 – In the Garden, with Lexi Rees, author of The Relic Hunters series


Other videos will be posted to my youtube channel.