Talk like a (Welsh) pirate

What’s the literature-loving horse to got to do with talking like a pirate, you may asked. Nothing. I just like it. Thank you to my sister, Ruth, for sending it.

Onward! It’s talk like a pirate day! Or, in Welsh, Diwrnod Siarad fel Mȏr-leidr!

Here are a few words and phrases for all would-be Welsh pirates. Have fun! Pob hwyl!

Mȏr – Sea. You might know the Welsh folksong, Ar Lan y Mȏr (On the Sea Shore.)

Mȏr-leidr – Pirate. The Welsh means ‘sea thief’ which I think sounds dashing and romantic.

Morio – to sail. You might be detecting a pattern of ‘mor’ words. Let’s not have any mor.

Llong – Ship. Every pirate needs one.

Cleddyf byr – short sword. The closest thing I could find to cutlass. Every pirates needs one of these, too.

A few creatures you might meet:

Siarc! – Shark!

Octopws – Do you really need that one translated?

Octopws mawr – Big octopus

Octopws dirfawr – gigantic octopus

Teimlyrau – Tentacles

Parot – Parrot (you don’t need me to tell you that one, either)

And some phrases you may or may not want to hear:

Sh’mae! – Ahoy there!

Wel, Duw Duw – Shiver me timbers

Cerdded y planc – Walk the plank

Finally, courtesy of the Family Bookworms What do pirates say when they’re really pleased with something?  “Arrrdderchog!”