Unwyse Magic publishes in the US

I’m nearing the end of a busy and exciting March – I will post a full round-up soon, but first here are two most exciting pieces of news.




I met this little girl while I was doing school visits and obviously I had to bring her home with me. Her name is Cassie and she’s already getting the hang of sitting on my lap and stopping me from writing.

Even more exciting than kittens, however (if that is possible) is the publication of The Book of Unwyse Magic. The US edition of Mirror Magic is truly beautiful and it is out today! Here’s a quick video preview. I love all the spooky magical swirls and the little image of Lord Skinner hiding inside the front cover.


And, finally, a favour. If you have enjoyed any of my books, please would you consider leaving a review on Amazon? It doesn’t have to be long – simply look up the book online, click on ‘leave a customer review’ and write a few words. It makes a huge difference to have some reviews. It’s one of the easiest ways to support the authors you like.

Thank you all for your support so far. I will share more book news and kitten pictures soon.