One Week To Go!!!

Only one week until Mirror Magic is officially published.

Here is a word from The Book.

Hello, I am The Book. I see everything that will happen in your world. Well, I see most of it. Well, I see some of it. If I’m paying attention. You try being a magical book of prophecy and see how you get on keeping track of everything.

Anyway, some person has presumed to write about what happened in Wyse in the fateful year of 1842 and this person will be visiting various places on your human Internet telling you what history would have been like with magic, and answering questions about how she wrote her book (I can tell you she won’t admit she stole it all from me.)

Drop by any of the stops on the tour if you’d like to know more. I predict you will.

The Book



A huge thank you to all the lovely bloggers taking part in the tour. I can’t wait to visit you all.

And, readers, what if our world really did have magic, and that magic was dying? Would people try to bring it back, or would they not care? What would you do?

I hope you have a magical weekend, and see you next week!