Dang! Missed it!

I had the strangest feeling yesterday that something important was happening but I couldn’t quite remember what it was. Then today, I woke up and remembered.

Mirror Magic is here!

Hurrah! Confetti! Magic! Firework! Cake! Cake! Cake!

Here’s some cake I finished earlier.

I had a wonderful two days with Booka Bookshop in Oswestry, travelling around schools to talk about books and writing. At my first event the three schools held a ‘what happens next’ writing competition based on a passage from Mirror Magic, and I hope they’re not disappointed when they read what really happened next because some of their ideas were genius.

I’m visiting Crickhowell Primary School today with Bookish Bookshop. Bookish also does excellent cake so I may well have to try a piece just for the purposes of scientific comparison, of course. The two best things about being a writer, I’ve found, are visiting schools and eating cake.

The Cardiff launch of Mirror Magic will take place on Saturday, 2pm at the Wellfield Bookshop, Wellfield Road, Cardiff. Please do pop along if you’re in the area. (There will be more cake!)