US edition – The Book of Unwyse Magic

Exciting news!

The US edition of Mirror Magic will be published in the States on March 26th this year. It will be called The Book of Unwyse Magic (the Book is very pleased about that.) The fabulous cover is by Hannah Peck. I love the spooky feel. The cover wraps all away round so you can see the houses of Wyse, and if you look closely you may spot Lord Skinner hiding on the cover flap.

Back cover. Is that Mr Bones lurking in the misty street?
Hiding away won’t help, Lord Skinner










And that’s not all, take a look inside the book and you’ll find some very fine endpapers and other nice touches, too.

The ancient fairy-human covenant looks very magical
Endpapers – Wyse looks just as good in black and white






I can’t wait to share this beautiful book with everyone. I loved the dramatic US covers for my pirate books. This one is very different and suits the spooky story perfectly.

Also, don’t forget, Storm Hound will be out in the UK on February 21st, just in time to buy as a very late Valentine’s present!