Unwise Magic Spot the Difference

Welcome to Wyse, last town in Britain where magic still works. Please make the most of your time here as the world may be ending soon.  I am The Book, by the way, and if you knew what was coming, you wouldn’t be reading this. You’d be running for your life.

But while we await almost certain destruction, let’s have a little quiz to keep you entertained.

Look at the two book covers below. On the left is the brilliant new cover of Unwise Magic, expertly drawn by Queen Victoria’s own favourite artist, Becka Moor. (That last bit may not be 100% true, but it should be.)

On the right is a subtly altered cover which has been played with by fairies, or Claire Fayers or someone.

You have five minutes to spot all 12 differences and then the world will probably end. If for some reason it doesn’t, you can look forward to Unwise Magic next June.

The Book of Unwyse Magic – making the world stranger since 1842.