UK Cover Reveal

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it difficult to share good news at the moment in the light of everything that’s happening in the world. But stories are powerful and good stories can defeat bad ones, and so here is a little piece of good news. The Onion is preparing to sail on her second adventure. The UK edition of Journey to Dragon Island is about to go to press ready for its May launch, and here is the beautiful red cover by the fantastically talented Becka Moor


I love that Boswell the dragon is so ridiculously fat, and once again I’m in love with all the tiny details. The reptilian footprints, the little loops on the ‘O’s in the title scroll, the decorative gold circle with cutlasses. I’m really pleased that librarian Tom has made it onto the cover alongside Brine and Peter. My new ambition is to have hair like Tom.

Thank you once again to Becka and Macmillan Children’s Books.  Journey to Dragon Island will be hitting the shelves on May 18th and can be pre-ordered now!