The Voyage to Down Below. A Christmas story.

‘Tis the season of giving, and also pirates and monsters.

You may remember a discussion on the relative merits of pirates and monsters. To settle the matter once and for all (until the next time, at least) I got together with Sarah Reida, author of Monsterville, to write a holiday special for the Children’s Book Review.

When Trudi and Ewan fall off the Onion and end up in a strange, sandy place called Hawaii, they don’t think life can get much more bizarre. But soon they’re off on rescue mission to Down Below where monsters roam free and all your worst nightmares are waiting to turn you into something resembling one of Trudi’s casseroles. Or maybe Trudi’s casseroles are your worst nightmares.

If our heroes are to triumph they’ll need more than swashing and buckling. They’ll need to use their brains. This may not go well…

A Swashbuckling Holiday Tale | Short Story


Download the story as a pdf:

Voyage to Down Below