Tharrrr she goes!!!

Dragon Island has been out and about for a few weeks now. But before the big launch, one of my advance copies went on a quick tour of SCBWI members.

First, the US edition pays a visit to Welsh author, Eloise Williams. Eloise is the author of the delightful Elen’s Island for younger readers, and the considerably darker Gaslight, which set in Victorian Cardiff and is proving a real hit.

Next, it’s on to a field in West Wales to visit the hugely talented photographer and author Elaine Hillson who keeps llamas.

And, finally, the lovely Zoe Thomas, picture book author and co-ordinator of the SCBWI Welsh network, took Booky to meet a famous explorer.

And finally, winning the cuteness contest, here’s a picture from my friend and crit partner, Sarah Reida. I’ve got a feeling that book is about to hit the floor…

Thanks to everyone who sent me photos. Please do send me your own pictures of Dragon Island in strange places.