Storm Hound

It’s been a busy and exciting few weeks.  First a trip to visit the wonderful Tales on Moon Lane bookshop in London for a pair of school events. Then a visit to a two Cardiff schools. I had great fun talking about the three essential P’s of storytelling, and leading workshops on fictional settings, heroes and villains.

I often find villains more interesting than heroes. Villains are the ones who come up with the plans, who cause the problems the heroes need to step in and solve. My own favourite villain is still Marfak West from my pirate books, because he gets to say all the sarcastic things that other people are too polite to say out loud. Though Mirror Magic’s Lord Skinner comes a close second. He is someone who never set out to become a villain, but he took the easy way out once too often.

Which brings me to my favourite hero and my other exciting news. Proof copies of Storm Hound have arrived and they are glorious. Here they are, guarded by my very own storm puppy, knitted by a lovely friend.








And here’s a sneak preview of the first page.







Storm is my kind of hero. He’s fierce, he’s brave, he throws himself at every new challenge with gusto. And he’s constantly frustrated that NO ONE WILL TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY!!!! Just because he looks like an adorably cute puppy.

Storm Hound will be out in February. I’ll have more news soon, including a look at the final cover by the super-talented Becka Moor. In the meantime, a big thank you to Macmillan Children’s Books, Literature Wales, and everyone who has contributed to making this book so special.