Spring Surprises and Magic Mirrors

Spring has certainly had a few surprises up its sleeve. Snow, for starters. Since when did we get snow in Cardiff? Sadly, a lot of World Book Day events had to be cancelled. But even a snow cloud has a silver lining and I was able to finish off the proof-reading on Mirror Magic in super-quick time while my garden bees were enjoying the white stuff.

The snow melted in time for me to do my school visits, and I am so glad! I had terrific fun leading assemblies and creative writing workshops. We designed our own maps, created heroes and villains and invented wild and wacky stories. An interesting fact – in every class, no matter where the school is or how old the kids, someone will call a villain Geoff. I have no idea why – there just seems to be something particularly villainous about that combination of letters.

And so to Mirror Magic. Some of you may remember me shouting excitedly about Unwise Magic last year. Since then, the book has had a make-over with a new title and a new cover.







I don’t know about you, but I think it looks even better than before. I am so lucky to have the Macmillan design team and illustrator Becka Moor. I’ve just seen the final proofs and they are so pretty with swirls of magical mist along the page bottoms. I can’t wait for everyone to see it. You can pre-order Mirror Magic on Amazon




2 thoughts on “Spring Surprises and Magic Mirrors

  1. Love your garden bees Claire… Glad it’s not just me that has the Jeff thing in school. Almost always accompanied by half of the class chanting “Hi, I’m Jeff, I’m Jeff… My name is Jeff.” I can shed a little light on it for you though as Jeff is a character from a tv programme called 21 Jump Street. Other names of course are Bob, Steve, Dave and Stewie…

    Have fun

    1. Ah, that explains why Bob is the second most common name they pick! I keep telling myself I should watch some children’s TV but I never get round to it.

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