Pirates vs Monsters UK Giveaway



SARAH MACKAY!!!! (Sept 24, 8:29 am)  Arrrrr!  Rawr!!


Congratulations, Sarah. Your prize awaits you. Send me a message via the contact page on this website and I’ll get it in the post to you.



Yesterday, I promised a giveaway, and here it is.

I am very sure that if you like this book:


You will also love this book:

And I’m willing to put it to the test.

Leave a comment saying whether you prefer pirates (arrrr!) or monsters (rawr!).  A winner will be selected at random and will win a signed hardback US edition of THE VOYAGE TO MAGICAL NORTH and an (unsigned) hardback US edition of MONSTERVILLE.

The competition will close 5pm Friday 30th September, UK time.

Because of postage costs, this competition is for UK readers only. My apologies to those further afield.

Read a sample of Monsterville here!

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62 thoughts on “Pirates vs Monsters UK Giveaway

  1. Arrr, sure the pirates have to win every time. They’d surely vanquish any monsters that get in their path or maybe just ask Trudi to make a tasty stew of them! 😉

  2. What about piratical monsters? Or is that trying to have my cake and eat it too? If I can only pick one, I’ll have to go with monsters, though it’s a close call.

  3. It depends on monster type!

    If it’s a blob, you’d THINK pirates have the wooden leg up, but what if they charge and get stuck (like marshmallows in Jell-O)? Monsters win by default.

    If it’s zombies, pirates win because zombies are slow and clumsy.

    If it’s vampires, monsters win because hello! – they can’t be killed.

    If it’s goblins, it depends on who fights dirtier since speed and strength are about equal.

    Claire, I think we might have to write a book together to sort this out. These are important questions!

  4. Vampires are easy to defeat. All the pirates have to do is whittle their wooden legs into stakes and stab the vampires through the heart. Another win for the pirates!

    You’re right, these are important questions which require much discussion. What about ice giants, for example? They could freeze the sea and the pirates would be stuck. Or a manticore? I need to go away and think about this.

  5. Monsters please – all the way, but only because I can defeat them with my garden fork (just ask my kids how Mummy deals with the scary beasts – they know) I’m not sure how to deal with the pirates.

  6. Arrr it has to be Pirates – they get to have adventures on the seven seas while drinking rum. Not to mention their treasure…

  7. And the winner is Sarah Mackay! Congratulations, Sarah, please get in touch with me via the contact form and I’ll post your prize to you.

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