Where Did March Go?

Whew! And Phew! And Wheeeee!  (That was the sound of March flying by at supersonic speed.)

This has been my busiest month since I went full-time as an author. It’s been so much fun, visiting schools. I did I quick count and I estimate I met over 2,000 children in 11 different schools, so a huge thank you to all the schools who invited me to visit. I had fun judging the entries for my local school eisteddfod and the Abergavenny Writing Festival competition for young writers. The Abergavenny Writing Festival happens from the 7th-9th April and there are lots of great events so if you’re in the area it’s worth having a look. Oh, and I also made my film debut with the Time Tunnellers for St David’s Day. I even managed to sneak in a holiday – my first proper one in two years, which was very nice, and I read lots of books, and did lots of admin. (Who knew there’d be so much admin to do when you’re an author?)

I have a few more school events lined up for April but I’m planning a month of creativity and getting back to my own writing. I’m looking forward to starting work with my new publisher, Firefly Press on my science fiction novel which will be out next year. I want to get busy with some new ideas too and so I will continue to post weekly writing challenges every Friday afternoon on my Facebook page. I’ll be tackling all these challenges myself and it’ll be great if other people want to take part too, so please come and join me there if you’d like to do some fun writing.

Finally, the best news from March, my Welsh Fairy Tales Myths and Legends has been shortlisted for the Tir na n-Og award. I blogged about this award when Storm Hound won in 2020. It’s for an English language book with a Welsh connection. But ‘Welsh’ books aren’t just for Wales – they’re for everyone. This year’s shortlist features stories of families and friends, war and wildlife, and how we can all make a difference to the world around us. Go and read them and let me know what you think.