Storm Hound Extras

Here’s a lovely pair of activity sheets made by the team at Macmillan’s Children’s Books.




Why not make up your own adventures? Here are some ideas:

  1. What if you had a pet with magical powers? What would your pet be, and what could they do?
  2. What if someone evil wanted to steal your pet? How would you stop them?
  3. In Storm Hound, Jessie and her family have to get used to a new home. Imagine you had to move somewhere new. Where would you move to and what would you do there?
  4. Write a story including these words (you can use them in any order, but try to use them all.)
    1. storm
    2. mountain
    3. sheep
    4. fly
    5. fall
    6. school


Finally, here’s a super animated gif made by Emma at Macmillan