About me

The official bit…

Claire Fayers grew up in South Wales, studied English and Comparative Literature at the University of Kent in Canterbury, and is now back in Wales where she spends a lot of her free time tramping around castles in the rain, looking for dragons.

She has worked as a church caretaker, a shoe shop assistant, in accountancy, in health and safety, in IT, and in a library. Only one of these prepared her in any way for life as a full-time author.

She works from her home in the Welsh mountains, sharing her workspace with a pair of demanding cats and an ever-expanding set of model dinosaurs who sometimes like to pretend they are pirates.


And the fun bit…

When I was growing up I always thought that if you weren’t very good at something, you should get out of the way and let someone else do it. Now I’m a bit older, I know that this is silly. How are you going to get good at something if you don’t try it? Here is a top ten list of things I wasn’t very good at but I did them anyway.

  1. Skiing
  2. Playing the cello
  3. Growing carrots
  4. Playing the piano
  5. Zip-lining on holiday
  6. Flying kites
  7. Making cake (I’m much better at this now)
  8. Indoor skydiving
  9. Writing books (really! You should see my first drafts.)
  10. Writing top ten lists!
Zip-lining on holiday
Piano – pirate style
The 10 year old cello genius
Maybe I should take the kite outdoors?
Skiing in Norway