Patron of Reading

I am thrilled to be the Patron of Reading for Bridstow Church of England Primary School this year.

I paid my first visit to the school in November and I had a lovely time meeting all the children, talking about our favourite books and making up stories. I received such a warm welcome from everyone and I’m looking forward to sharing more adventures.

Here’s a game that I played with the Otter class. I call it ‘The Wrong Answer.’

School is usually about learning the right answers to things, but stories often begin with an answer that is funny, silly or downright wrong. For this game you need to invent the most outrageously wrong answers you can to ordinary questions.

For example:

How old are you? I am minus a hundred years old because I haven’t been born yet. I come from the future and I built a time machine out of saucepans and tomatoes.

What’s your favourite book? My favourite book is the brontosaurus. Dinosaurs make very good books.

Get the idea? Have a go at some questions and answers and see what story ideas you can create. Or ask me a question and I will give you the wrongest answer I can think of.

That’s all for now! More soon!