Downloadable resources for schools

Here are some downloadable resources for my books. You’re welcome to use them in schools, at home, on holiday, wherever you like.



Mirror Magic: The Wyse Weekly Mirror

The lovely people at Macmillan’s Children’s Books created a newspaper for the town of Wyse. You can read it here:

Weekly Mirror

And here’s a template you can download and print off to create your own newspaper!

Newspaper template

How to write a newspaper story

Mirror Magic: What If?

Here are all the guest blog posts I wrote for the Mirror Magic blog tour, looking at different periods of history and asking what would our newspapers have looked like if we’d had magic (and newspapers!)

What if the Romans had magic

What if William the Conqueror had magic

What if the Middle Ages had magic

What if the 17th Century had magic

What if Henry VIII had magic

What if the Industrial Revolution had magic

What if we had magic today


The battle for the Onion!

The Legend of You

Have you ever wanted to star in your own story? Here’s your chance. In the first part of this task, you’ll think about how stories begin, and what kind of stories you like best. In the second part, you are setting off on a quest where you can try out your own storytelling skills and turn yourself into a legend.

Design your own island


If legends aren’t your thing, maybe you’d like to design your own pirate hideaway. Instead of writing a story, you’ll be drawing a map and describing what you find there, using as many exciting words as you can think of. Compete with your friends – who can invent the best island?

Pirate quiz

How well do you know your pirates? Try this quick, fun pirate quiz to test your knowledge. (Warning – page two of this quiz contains the answers. Do not read until you’ve done the quiz or I’ll make you walk the plank.

Pirate joke quiz

Why are pirate jokes funny? They just arrrrrrr!  These jokes and punchlines have become mixed up. See if you can sort them out.

Onion wordsearch

A simple wordsearch with words taken from The Accidental Pirates. How many words can you find?