Tapper Watson and the Quest for the Nemo Machine

Publisher: Firefly PressCover: Becka MoorISBN: 9781915444158Ebook ISBN: 9781915444158

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Tapper Watson is just an ordinary Erisean boy who loves adventure stories. But when one of his sixty-seven cousins sends him away on a smugglers’ submarine through the River Lethe to other worlds, he just wants to go home again.

On an unscheduled visit to Earth he meets Fern Shakespeare and a talking plant called Morse, and their adventures begin. But chased through worlds by a pair of trigger-happy lobster mobsters in search of the mysterious Nemo Machine, Tapper begins to realise that he might not be so ordinary after all…

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‘Isosceles never goes home halfway through an adventure,’ Tapper said.

Argo shot him a look. ‘That’s because Isosceles is a fictional character. We’re not heroes, Tapper. We’re just ordinary people trying to make a living.’

‘But what if that’s what heroes are?’ Tapper asked. ‘What if heroes are ordinary people who don’t give up when things get dangerous?’