Journey to Dragon Island (US)

Book 2 of

Read a samplePublisher: Henry Holt and Co.Published: May 16, 2017ISBN: 9781627794213

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In this sequel to The Voyage to Magical North, Brine, Peter, Cassie and crew return for another swashbuckling adventure on the high seas.

Reaching the edge of the world can’t stop the crew of the Onion! It’s westward ho in search of dragons, no matter the obstacles. And there are obstacles. Flesh-eating vines, violent locals, and mischievous magi—not to mention Marfak West’s ghost—meet the pirates when they land on the Western Island, where a volcano threatens to end them all. Together, Brine and Peter might just be able to save the crew, the island, and themselves. Or they might all go up in flames. It really could go either way.

Cover by Oriol Vidal

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Avast! Pirates and magicians. Dragons and dinosaurs. Big spiders and, for good measure, a pesky ghost. Anchors aweigh. Kirkus
Dragons, dinosaurs, magic, and a search for missing parents blend together to create a dynamic, addictive follow-up to The Voyage to Magical North. This second installment brings back Brine, Peter, and Tom as they look for Western Island, home to dragons, and try to solve some rather big mysteries along the way. Fans of the first book will be thrilled with the continuing story, which once again features the ghost of Marfak West, the big bad villain from the previous adventure who haunts poor Peter. This title is full of swashbuckling escapades and crazy circumstances that will hold the attention of fans and new readers alike; even those not familiar with the first volume will be able to jump in easily. School Library Journal



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