About me


I live in Cardiff, South Wales, home of the famous pirate, Henry Morgan.  I used to work at Cardiff University, first in health and safety (you will notice that my pirates fight VERY safely) and then in the university science library.  Now I write full-time at home with my husband and my two cats, usually stopped every chapter or two to let them in or out of the door.  (My cats, not my husband: he can already open doors.)

In my free time, I like skiing, flying kites, and music – I can play the cello a bit and I’m learning the piano.  I enjoy gardening and grow a lot of fruit and veg so if I come to visit you don’t be surprised if I bring a jar of jam.

If you’d like to get in touch, please fill on the form on my contact page.

I am represented by Gemma Cooper at the Bent Agency.

My books are published in the US by Henry Holt and in the UK by Macmillan Children’s.